February 23rd, 2009



I upgraded (questionable terminology) my office computer to VISTA over the weekend. When I contacted the help(less)desk on Friday because our backup tool would not let me back up, I was told that since I had a desktop machine I didn't need to do a backup. It was done automatically. I didn't believe the guy of course.

When I was in the office on Saturday (I have no life) I poked around long enough to see I had problems and then of course my personal laptop died so I needed to take care of that! Priorities, priorities.


Outlook did not import my PST files (surprise!) or my functional mailboxes (surprise!). Internet Explorer did not pickup my favorites (surprise!).  And my Documents? Gone! (surprise!) None of this really surprised me.

Did I mention I didn't believe the Helpdesk guy? I made two copies of all that stuff. One on a shared server. And one to CD...Can you say Redundant copies? R-E-D-U-N-D-E-N-T Copies.

So I ain't completely Dead In The Water... Only partially Dead.

Oh and the new Outlook? FUGLY.

VISTA Woes Paret Deux

I finally got most of what i needed back. Spent most of the day at it though.

One aside, if you are going to copy data files for one of your applications...Make sure



I've lost untold hours of development work...Because I copied the files from the wrong location...

Oh well. It will give me a chance to clean some of that up...But stilllllll...Argh!