March 3rd, 2009


The Universe Trying to Tell You Something T's?

Stoped at a certain fast food chain last night as I had a few perishables in the vehicle.

T's: I'd like two monster tacos, and a medium chocolate shake, please.

Counter Boy: We don't sell monster tacos, anymore.

T's: What?!

CB: Only regular tacos now.

T's: Well, okay. Let me have two regular tacos, and a medium chocolate shake.

CB: The shake machine you say....

T's: Broken?

CB: Yes, it is broken.

T's: *sigh*

Well they may have lost a customer. Monster tacos especially late at night were one of my only reasons for still going to this place...

Rats! Another one bites the dust!

A Few

The Twits...Oh! Erm...That is, Tweets of TexasT's

  • 20:48 @philiphays I had a few suggestions for HFF site before my mac crashed. let me look and see if they are still relevant. and THERE. heh #
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  • 12:13 @longnwindngroad No electronic tailgating now! *grins* #
  • 12:19 Happy Square Root Day! According to those in the know, this only happens 9 times in a century. Math junkies, ENJOY!! #
  • 12:29 At Ikea to find a matching (or complimentary) lamp for this one in my bedroom. -Swedish meatballs for lunch! Yum! #
  • 15:06 Mission accomplished at Ikea. Pictures later, I think. #
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Quick! And No Fair Googling!

A show of hands. Who knows what a "Lamp Harp" is?

I sure as hell didn't. I mean I know the part. I just didn't know what it was called

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ETA: Answer a lamp harp is the horseshoe (sort of)(or harp ~ and that's a stretch too!) shaped piece of metal that holds the shade assembly. Congrats to those that do know! The answer is for the rest of us that didn't! How did this quest for knowledge come about? Well I found myself in the unenvious position of trying to repair one of these damned things. Armed with gorilla glue and a clamp, I set to. After glueing the pieces together and clamping for the required two hours, I wasn't sure my repair job would hold under (or over, as it were.) the heat of a light bulb, I made a trip to the big orange box store. And into the lighting area. Wandering around there I came upon a whole RACK of these things in various heights and weights. Something else I didn't know was that the little bolts that are used to hold the shade assembly are of a standard size. One size fits all. Yep, it's an exciting life I lead *grin*