March 7th, 2009


Got a Couple Things In Mind to do Today

A Bank run.
A Haircut.
A trip to Whole Earth Provision Company

And the little bag I got from Duluth Trading Company isn't really cutting it for me. I thought it would be bigger. Dunno what I was thinking ~ It was a part of the space-time-continuum? Gonna explore their returns policy later too. Maybe too late to do so.

But I've been looking at sling bags from Ameribag. And a couple of these intrigue me. In the medium or large size. And I like the variety of materials and colors too.

They are sold here by Whole Earth Provision Company so I think I'll go have a look-see. Saw one or two at Relax the back store earlier this week, but the two or three they had there didn't really appeal to my guy sense. And I think they were the small sizes as well.

So I'll check with y'all later.
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