March 15th, 2009


Over and Under or Maybe Around...

Good thing I got that Extra, Extra Long Cat 6, 50 foot length Ethernet cable. Rather than that puny 25 feet Like I thought to at first.

Wireless Internet is continuously assured at this point. I had the cable all run. It was just laying around the borders of my office here at the house on WTF? Ave...

No big deal really, but the last time I played over and under and around was right before we had the house painted,,,,DUH! So it had to all come down and that's where it stayed until today. Yessiree Bob, me and my trusty consumer grade 'lectric staple gun made (sort of) short work of that particular frickin' job. PChow! PChow! Take that you unruly cable!

I love power tools. Now to get the rest of it together...*sigh*

On The Subject of Lighting...With a side of Re-Cycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Use

First the Light(s)


I bought one. And then another one. Of these little USB 1 LED lamps to light the way to my keyboard in lowlight conditions. The idea was to be able to come into the room when it was dark save for one or two of these little USB powered lamps. Enter my password and away we go.


Well the things are pretty bright at first. But after a week or two the results are in. I wouldn't waste my time on these if I were to have it to do over again. Hell, the light from my external hard drive (vertical yellow light in the background) throws more light than either of these things! Or both of them combined!

Which apparently...I do have it to do over again!

Now the Re-Cycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Use Part.

Upstair in the bathroom I had this old dual LED, battery powered clip-on lamp from some in the shower shaving mirror that has long since departed this (or at least - My) life. Called an iLight...(whatever)


It has been bouncing around in the bathroom for a year or two now. I finally got some new batteries for it with a mind I would use it in the shower again. But once I got it working again, I found I didn't really need it. But I'd just put fresh batteries in it so I didn't want to throw it away either.


It sat around in the bathroom upstairs until today when I was taking a shower it hit me like a FLASH! That maybe I could re-purpose the thing as a keyboard light downstairs in the office. A couple other uses came to mind today as well, but so far I think this was the best of the bunch. Plus I could practice some low level lighting photography with unusual sources or patterns of light...

Link to the set...

Experiment in low light conditions
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