March 28th, 2009


Dunno What ~ But Something is

Keeping me awake this morning. I went up to bed around 1245 and haven't managed to shut my eyes for more than a minute or two.

Sleep is not, forthcoming it seems. Read my book. Did some relaxing type things.

I. Am. Wide. Awake.

Maybe the paint smell. And it is pretty chilly up there. Had the windows open trying to disapate the smell. And it really did cool down tonight.

Even "The Machine" didn't work. This could put a damper in my plans for tomorrow for a short roadtrip.

Ah well. Gonna try some Tazo Calm tea now and see if that helps. I could take a sleep aid, but they kinda make me feel all rubbery and shit the next day.

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West Won for today

I'm in Columbus, Texas at intersection of US Hwy 90 and Texas business 71. Opted to get off the freeway (IH10) as the wind was blowing so hard out of the north it almost forced the Saturn Express of the road!

Why west? Next post. And that's today's direction. Who knows about tomorrow.

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  • 10:13 @dsilverman Make mine pepperoni! #
  • 15:42 I gotta get outta this place.ROADTRIP!A short one probably, but a roadtrip just the same. Hill country? Piney Woods? Beach? Or points south? #
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