March 29th, 2009


About Seguin, Texas

From Wikipedia, which in this case is fairly accurate, I think.

Seguin (pronounced /səˈgiːn/) is a city in Guadalupe County, Texas, in the United States. It is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 22,011. It is the county seat of Guadalupe County.

Seguin was founded in 1838 by members of Mathew Caldwell's Gonzales Rangers on land originally granted to Umphries (or Humphries) Branch by the Mexican government, but was not incorporated until 1853. Its original name was Walnut Springs but was changed just six months later to honor Juan Seguín. Seguin became a stopping point and trade center for German immigrants along their route from the ports of Indianola and Galveston to the German settlements of New Braunfels and Fredericksburg.

For you Google earth geeks, Seguin is located at 29°34′28″N 97°57′55″W / 29.57444°N 97.96528°W / 29.57444; -97.96528 (29.574329, -97.965332)

Random Crap Before I Lay-Me-Down-To-Sleep

Kid in the camera store sold me the wrong size filter today...Circular Polarizer, but I need the 55mm not the 52, dammit. Didn't notice until I was up the road a fair piece. Bought a decent camera strap. The Nikon supplied one is crap. New one has decent padding and quick disconnect.

Ran into some softballers here at the motel in Seguin. They are from Corpus Christi way down the south. Had a beer with a couple of the coaches (Read: Dads - they are coaching 10YO girls). Asked me what I was doing?

Road trip, says I.

Coach type 2: Where you from?


Coach type 1: Where you going?

Me: Dunno. Maybe north, maybe south, maybe even further west. I haven't really decided yet.

Coach type 2 just kinda laughed (kind of a sneer, really) and shook his head. I figure he's just friggin JEALOUS...

I'm feeling kind of westerly at this point, but we'll see how I feel when I get up. I haven't really been out thataway (West of San Antone) in quite a bit of time. Some nice country over there...

Later, folks.

Is that you in my rearview mirror?

Sunset in Schulenburg, Texas


ETA: he kis sold me the right size. I was not screwing it on correctly. Imagine that!

Right Outside of Bandera, TX

So here is where I am. Blue spot on the map. Going towards Utopia, TX. But I am going on to Garner State Park. Let's just say it's a fair piece up the road yet. I stopped at this roadside picnic area because my phone started acting all squirelly and I wanted to do a reset. Seems to be having trouble telling whether it's charged or not. Been on the charger most of the time. So WTF?

Got better pictures in the camera.

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A Few

The Twits...Oh! Erm...That is, Tweets of TexasT's

  • 19:07 In Schulenberg, TX #
  • 19:34 Don't get the tater salad. Not good. :-; #
  • 19:35 At the oakridge smokehouse #
  • 23:05 @nlpagan well that would have been north. Went west. more deciduous and the further west you go it can get downright derserty. #
  • 23:05 Seguin, Texas. Fell into a motel room #
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In Uvalde, Texas

Ended up having to drive down here from garner. Got there a little too late.

And there is nothing around that area as far as motel/hotels go. And nothing between there and Uvalde, on US 83 either. I mean nothing. Maybe one or two filling stations and that's about it. Didn't run across too many vehicles either.

I'll drive up in the Morning (early) and spend a few hours before I start in the way back.

I'm off to search for food. I'm ravenous.

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