April 3rd, 2009


So Today...

I plan to finish my quota for issue closures (such a frickin' ridiculous requirement) as set by my Asian Overlord, as quickly as possible, and bail out of this MoFo. Being in the office at this time of year makes me CRAZY!

So if I finish early it will be time to disappear.

Work-life balance my ass!
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A Few Twits...er...Tweets

The Twits...Oh! Erm...That is, Tweets of TexasT's

  • 21:14 @nlpagan "That's not a bug...It's a FEATURE!" #
  • 21:15 @Speshulduck Give it up for now... #
  • 21:16 @sexwithpenguins could it be your handle? #
  • 07:19 Crap! Forgot about the geek gathering tonight. Was going to drive in this AM. This means I wiil probably NOT attend. #
  • 09:25 The main tool we use to work issues went belly up @ about 0900. I gotz nuthin' to do! #
  • 10:03 @sereneorange Damned thing came up about 15 minutes ago. Otherwise... #
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