April 13th, 2009


There Are Guys...

That should not wear white pants. I am apparently one of those guys. Got a white pair of Cargo's. Inevitabley when I put them on, within an hour I've managed to get them dirty. Might be just a small spot, but large enough for me to notice. And if I can see it. So can everyone else.


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There Are a Few Things

That HOOters does pretty well.
Cold beer
Onion strings - they call 'em something else
And these Damned Training Burgers. I could eat them all afternoon!

There are some other things as well. But this is what I am concerned with today.

Oh and the scenery ain't too bad either!

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My Daughter is a Toon!


Fun with Photoshop Elements.

Photo taken on Easter Sunday 2009.

Done one of these before...But I now have the steps documented...Bwa-hahahahaha. No one or anything is safe now...
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