April 15th, 2009


There Were a Couple of Times Today

I was really in the zone well on my way to a seriously productive afternoon in Cube City.

Headphones in, blasting trance / electronic music straight into (it felt like anyway) the part of my brain that equates rhythm and productive activity.

Yeah. So I'm weird. Part of why you're here innit?

Beebopping along for about an hour after lunch. I'm focused and motivated. Practically chair dancing. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Pop an earphone out and turn in my chair. It's BBFH *sigh*. Why can't I get a bcc field when I'm forwarding a meeting notice? I used to.

Told her I didn't think so, but lemme take a look. Poke around on MY system for a little over 5 minutes. Then she tells me, "nevermind. It's taking too long."

WTF!?! Christ! Call the HD next time. Or did you even look at your cheat sheets? Probably not.

Had to get up and leave for a while. Came back. Headphones in. Music blasting. Back after it. In there again. Then I notice the phone. Is. Ringing. And it's the guy from Vicksburg. Like the fella so I pick it up. It's his boss. Got me on a speakerphone trying to get me to do something by bitching me out. Right out of the chute. Explain the request procedure. Twice. Still bitching at me. I get the actual issue and Reg's number and tell him I'll call him back when I have this figured out and fixed. Half an hour later. Got him fixed up.

Back to the zone. Someone from my old HD group IMs me.

Fuck! I finally gave up and bailed out of there.

At this point, I'm almost to the P&R. Tomorrow is another day.

Putting IM on DnD tomorrow and not answering the phone. at all

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Is Every One In the Hinterlands Fucking Crazy?!?

Left the Park and Ride this afternon. Decided to go to a certain fast food restaurant (drive thru) which shall remain nameless but it's initials are Dairy Queen.

Pulled up to the little speaker thingie. Guy asked if he could take my order.

T: Sure! I'd like a number 6. with ~

DQ: You want the meal or just the sandwich?

T: The meal. WIth onion rings.

DQ: You want fries or Onion rings with that?

T: I just said I wanted Onion Rings. And let me have a medi-

DQ: What kind of drink do you want?

T: I WAS about to tell you. I'd like a medium grap-

DQ: You want just the sandwich and fries?

T: *is getting quite steamed* No I want--- Hell, tell you what. Let's just pretend we never had this misbegotten conversation and I'll just drive outta here and go home and ORDER A PIZZA! Thanks!

You ever seen a Saturn get rubber? They are front wheel drive, too...I swear to god, I was gonna...

At any rate I had pizza for lunch so I don't really want that either. *grins* Just gonna be a juice and cheese and crackers kinda night, I think.

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The names Bond. James Bond.

04_15_2009_647.jpgI am pretty sure that 007 wouldn't be caught dead on a commuter bus...


Just finished reading this trilogy early this morning. 1-ish.

Not too bad. A lot more explicit than Mr. Fleming would have written himself (I think) but, still pretty danged good.

Not Really Feeling...

That my tweets are all that necessary here on LJ. Or maybe at all. The lure just isn't there anymore.

I only really had them shipped over here because I could, anyway.

I'm just not all that interesting or interested for 140 characters or less. There is much more meat to (all of) us than that...

So I've cut the cord ( I hope) from twitter to LJ. Uninstalled destroytwitter because all of a sudden it stopped working (and it's companion destroyflicker which I never used anyway).

Half the folk on my list at twitter don't respond when I @comment to them anyway. If I wanted to have a conversation with (mostly) myself, I'd go back to blogspot and blog over there.

Thinking about cutting twitter from my facebook feed as well.

You want to see my twitter feed? It is over there. @twitter

I may just separate it all out. Just how well connected and intertwined does one person's online persona need to be? I guess I can see it for Celeb types and real Geeks.

And I sure as hell ain't one of them.

So. No more twits in this (LJ) space. I'd like to thank those of you that made me think about it by commenting publicly or privately...

See y'all on LJ! My real online home.