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April 20th, 2009

And I've pared it down some before I even took them off the camera!

So in the mean time...Let me share a few pics from Saturday...






Caffeine, I needs some
But a few of the myirad pictures I took. These are a few that I like best! A lot of the best stuff I got was when people are unaware. Ren-folk are such hams to begin with...Point a camera in their direction and like as not, they will feel it, and destroy the mood I was trying to capture.


Still life at a Renaissance Faire




What ever it is you are selling, I'm buyin' it! Have quite a few af this lovely lass. She looks familiar to me. Perhaps I knew her Mother...*grins*


Wowser! This beauty was in too big of a hurry to pose but she did blow me a kiss as she hurried by!


He is in the zone!


She was exotic. And she could sing (and How!) as well as dance! Greek I think...


In Hearne

Sitting at an abandoned gas station. Think I may head down hwy 6 to Navasota and maybe pick up the Texas Independence Trail. Go by Washington on the Brazos or something.


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Well I got here too late to get into any of the exhibits, but still a nice walkabout.

Taking a lot of pictures.

The once mighty Brazos:

I found out that the river was not always the mud and silt carrying creek that it now seems to be. Even as late as the early 20th century there was annual flooding.

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All The Walking I've Done

In the past two days have put my legs and lungs in a world of hurt. Good kind of hurt though. But dude! My calves will be sore tomorrow...I can feel the pull already.

Glad I went. Glad it was a fair day for the Faire *grins* on Sunday. Wish I'd left here Friday so I could have done TWO days. Maybe I'll get back up there before it ends though. Who knows...?!

Glad I took that detour through Washington County as well. Just wish I could have got there a little earlier. But that can still be a trip for another day.

The only other "I wish I woulda" I've got is I didn't get to practice may nigh-time shooting skills. I WAS gonna go into downtown Waxahachie and take some pictures of the courthouse there. Supposed to be nicely floodlit at night. And it really is a spectacular builing in it's own right.

Another trip...

I still have a pile of editing and uploading pictures to do...



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