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May 2nd, 2009

Human Again

Slept for over seven hours once I went to bed last night. I slept like a ROCK.

Feeling much better today, thankyouverymuch!

flickr Lesson 1

This was especially for sahlah (because well...she asked) but any one can play! I'm all about equal opportunity...And if any of y'all that have flickr accounts have any other tips please feel free to post and leave them. Or if you have questions? Post 'em.

Your Page, Photostream and Tags...

Okay...a ishot-2.jpg lesson.

On your home page in flickr. If your flickr account opens into your photostream just click the home link.

(you can actually do most of this from any where but...humor me...)

Continue...Collapse )

Next up: Groups

Drat! Damned Electronics

The stereo in my Bedroom has disappeared from iTunes. Again.

Gonna have to take time and rebuild the network here at the house. Agian...*sigh*

I think the router is trying to tell me something. As in, "I'm dyin'..."

Got a new one just sitting here in the shrinkwrap. Reckon it is time to get after it.

And I'll use the old one to extend the range of the network. I'll put it upstairs somewhere until it just gives up the ghost altogether.

Shouldn't take too long to do this. As long as nothing goes wrong...


Soaking Up Free WiFi

@panera. Just stood in a line at CVS while some wench tried to get about 20 items for free. One register open with the manager manning it.

I was holding a gallon of water, a package of swiffer refills, dryer sheets, some cleaner and a pound of coffee. Stood there so long my arms started to shake.

Finally someone came back from thier dinner break. Little girl checked out three people before me. The woman was still haggling with the manager when I got outta there. Ten minutes later. Bet HE was sorry he came to work tonight!

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Too tired for any of it. I'm off the air. And off to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Network and cleaning can wait. Laundry too.

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