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May 4th, 2009


One of my sisters found me on facebook. Now if I can just get her to Twitter or yahoo messenger...

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On Another Note

I had an argument with my alarm clock. Unfortunately I WON!

So I slept late. As a consequence, got to the office late.

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Going Dutch...This is Interesting...

Since I have a few friends that are Dutch...And I spent some time there in the past, I must admit I had a healthy curiosity for the way things work in The Netherlands. And why... And how the current system came into being...

A US Expat 'splains it to me: Going Dutch - How I learned to love the European Welfare State
from the NYTIMES.

It ain't just socialism, baby! More of a hybridization between Capitalism (which the Dutch invented, I think) and Socialism (which despite what history says, the Dutch may have invented that too! But they came at it in a completely different way than Marx and Engels).

The best part about it? It works...

I think my tendancy to admire the Dutch way of life was not misplaced...

Americans need to stop with the capitalist rheotoric and listen to some other folks. There ARE other ways to do this kind of thing. Ways that work.



Went to see the latest installment of the X-Men saga tonight. Was alright. They really mucked up the actual origin of Logan. Yes I was a long time XMen fanboy. What the hell, it was entertaining. Lot's of splosions and stuff.

20081223_0052v3.jpgMy next door neighbor stopped me as I was coming in tonight to inform me that her fence would be replaced over the next three days.

Thank you!

At some point today I went down to the surface from Cube City to uh...well you know. The only real bad habit I have left. Had my shades on...It was bright outside. Took the elevator back up, had a solitary ride.

I was standing right in front of the doors when they opened and I scared the shit out of this guy that was standing in front of the doors waiting to get on.

He was about a foot shorter than me. As the doors opened up I was there looking down at him. Fella must have jumped back about three feet(!)

I think he had to go change his shorts!! Sorry about that...



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