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May 9th, 2009

Did Y'all Want a Crooked Fence?

Looks pretty good from here right?


Better look again.

At first glance I thought nah, can't be. No amount of rubbing my eyes would make it right, though. But it looks to be off of vertical by at least several degrees (!) Wonder if he did that on purpose?! If it was mine I would not be happy at all with this.

And I am convinced this guy and his lovely assistant(!) have not built very many fences. If any, in fact. But yeah, she did get a good price. I did ask. But sweet jeebus!

Best be glad I wasn't paying for it...Because I wouldn't! Or is that woodn't. *grins*



BZZZZZZT!! Do over!

Who Is On Dreamwidth?

Like it? Got a spare invite?

I might like to check it out!

Fence Follies

Had a word with the neighbor about the leaning fence of Katy...She said the guy said he went with the slope of the yard. I said I didin't think she realized just how much it was off. C'mon over here into my yard.

She had a look and it was like, "Boy howdy! That IS off!"

Well yeah.

Me: You already pay this guy? You got a contract?

She: Yes. And we shook hands.

Me: That's too bad. He a relative?

We started walking back over to her side.

She: Him? NO.

Me: Where'd you get him?

She: From my church...

Me: Oh, lord!

She: Haha

Me: Hahaha

About that time, he came walking up.

I asked him what happened.

"Whatchoo mean?"

Me: That fence has about a 10 degree slant.

He: It goes with the slope of the ground.

Me: Bullshit!

He: Naw really.

Me: The pickets ain't even plumb! That is what bothers me.

He: If you look at backyards around here all the fences have a slant to them.

Me: Not new ones right out of the box. Did you break your level?

He: Naw. It is as straight as I could make it.

Me: I don't think so. You might could bullshit this fine lady, but you ain't foolin' me. I could build a better fence than this! Now, my house goes on the market next week. How the Hell am I supposed to explain this?

He: Her yard ain't got nothing to do with sellin' yo' house.

Me: BULLSHIT! They gonna take a look at this and walk.

He: What's in her yard ain't got nothing to do with sellin' yo' house.

Me: Dammit! You are gonna stand there and tell me this is your best work?

He: Naw.

Me: No Fuckin' shit!? Damned right it ain't! This the first fence you built? She's paid you good money and you put up this piece of shit. And you cut my cable and didn't bother to tell me.

He: ~-~

Me: Man, I wouldn't hire you to build a goddamned BOX!

He: But...

Me: But, my ASS~!

About this time my neighbor cut in with, "Tom, I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him.

So I withdrew...

One of the other neighbors is thinking about hiring this wahoo to do some work. Hmph. We'll see about that.

Fucking bullshit artist.


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