May 15th, 2009


HAH! I Don't Know Why...

dod-b-rut this gardening type happy post by eats_veggies made me think about a time when I was still married to The RedHead. This story always makes me smile.

We had setup house in Sugarland, Texas. And we had a HUGE back yard. And I put in landscaping timber all along the fence in the backyard and along the house and we populated these with flowers and trees and shrubs. And wayyyyyy back almost to the back fence line we built a big old raised garden. It was fine! We managed to get a couple of plantings in a year. It is prime for that kind of stuff down here. One season we had planted tomatoes, amongst other things. Cherry, beefsteak and a couple other varieties. And we tried to be pretty much organic.

At some point we started losing a lot of tomatoes to the birds that came to feast in our garden. Or so it seemed. The birds were pissing me off. All the really wanted were the seeds from the fruit...So we had quite a bit of wasted stuff for a while.

So I put up netting. That helped to abate the feast some. But they really did have a good time until then.

Summer and then Fall came and went. Winter did it's thing.

Spring reared it's lovely head. And one fine late sprimg afternoon we were hosting a party. The RedHead and I did quite a bit of entertaining.

I miss those days.

Anyway, tomato plants had sprung up all over the yard. Mostly cherry. We had gotten into the habit of plucking one or two off the plant and just popping them into our mouth. Sooooo good right off the vine. Now remember no pesticides or harsh chemicals were used in our garden.

The RedHead was standing in a group near the house where the tallest of the cherry tomato plants had taken up residence in one of the beds.

I was just close enough to hear her say, "Yaknow, I don't know how all these tomato plants managed to spread all over the yard the way they did." as she popped one into her pretty mouth.

A smile crossed my face as I walked over, "I have a pretty good idea, darlin'. Would you like me to tell you my theory?"

*Remember the old adage, "Be careful what you ask for"? I think she did after this...*

"Yes, I would," The RedHead said as she pulled another off the plant.

"Well, you remember all the trouble we had with the birds last Spring in the garden?"

"Yes. But you said they ate them."

"You're right, I did."

"So you are saying these plants are here because the birds spit the seeds out?"

"Not exactly..." It took a second or two, but every one saw when the light came on. She dropped the tomato in her hand and backed away. To go wash her hands and brush her teeth, I think...

And The RedHead never ate another one of those damned flower bed tomatoes. Of course. that didn't stop any one else from doing so.

From shat seed to new cherry tomato is a pretty long road, yaknow. How the hell did she think plants got spread around before cultivation started a couple thousand years ago?

God I loved that woman!
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The house has been on the market for like 15 minutes. Already some one here to look. Me and the dog are exiled in the back yard.

Not even a yard sign out front or a lockbox on the door.

Oh and the carpet cleaners JUST left.

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