May 18th, 2009


Random Thoughts

I am such a rebel. If only they knew. I wear the right earphone in my left ear. Conversely...

Pet peeve - Hair on the bar of soap in the shower.

Another. You people that take an elevator ONE floor!

Yet another. Taking a sit down on the john at work. And the seat is warm. Ufff.

I used to be so proud of working where I do. Now? Not so much. If some one were to ask me if the big clam was a good (let alone GREAT!) place to work, I wish I could reply with a positive response. But...

At one time, I had a great deal of respect for the people I worked for. Now? Not so much. Numbers guys and bullshitters and hacks. I could live without 'em.

I really do like taking photographs. It let's me express myself creatively. Something that was missing from my life, I reckon. I like manipulating them to get different results, too.

I took some pretty good photos this weekend. But I've got quite a few to sift through. Some 800 pictures. *heh* I said I like to take photos, didn't I? Probably a lot of chaff there too. We'll see.

Folks used to say I was pretty talented and creative. I didn't really think so. But I think if you have some kind of talent, like anything else it requires development. I stifled that for a long time. You know, it was kind of a "it is time to put away childish things" thing.

Now my creative bone requires development. (re)Learned that hangin' with the kids at HFF weekend. So much talent concentrated in such a small area. Yum! It was refreshing!

So I guess I really am ready to get on with my life. Or the rest of it. Sick of being where I am.

The bus is getting close to the end of the line, so I reckon that's all I've got for now.

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And Further More...

More random...

I am really grateful for cold beers and a cold fridge to put them in! And Glenn Miller (sunrise seranade), Harry Chapin (vacancy) (Had me all in tears) Or maybe it was firesign10's post about creativty. Felt that one in my heart. Thanks darlin'!

I'm sorry that my neighbors, the ones that I've met anyway, will miss me. I'll miss y'all too. They think I'm wise beyond my years (or at least theirs) Heh! Got 'em all fooled!

Two evenings with me out after one am have kicked my ASS! I refuse to say I'm old. I CAN keep up with those twentysomethings...My recovery time is just a little longer. Of course I wouldn't show THEM that...

I'm glad that BBFH now has more folks days to firebomb! *besides mine I mean* Woman has the social grace of a goddam ROCK! She seems to screw with the guys on the team more than others...What do you reckon that means? For one thing we have more projects. Just a fact this year.

Clean clothes are almost as good as clean, freshly washed sheets on the bed! Almost Oops! Clothes in the dryer...Back in a bit.

Thankful for carpet spray for fleas...They don't seem to bother anyone else but me here. I hate fleas.

Loving this last cool snap we are having before summer sets in here. Although last night at Avant Garden I was seriously wishing for a pair of jeans...

While I'm being (somewhat) grateful - iPod with over 4600 pieces of music...Bliss! And noise cancelling headphones.

Looks like The Big Clam is going to strap me to a laptop again. I've fought it as long as I could. So we'll see about that. I don't mind the tech. I just don't like lugging it back and forth. I'm lazy. Besides I'd rather haul other stuff besides that boat anchor.
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