May 21st, 2009


I Just Couldn't Do It...

I am really tired of my job...

As I have said before...with my skillset I should not be just a ticket closing fool...

So it's such a beeeyutiful day I think maybe...

I'll go and take some PICTURES!


So as soon as my iPod and iPhone are finished syncing (Hurry UP already!) I'm outta here.

Need to do the mac OS update but I've heard here and there it is bricking some machines...Wassupwitdat!?! So I think maybe I'll wait a day or two.

Oh and I've set the flickr uploader to uploading more fringe fest photos. 215 of them (820MB YIKES!).

Got another set to go yet 71 @ 303 MB (WTF!), according to the Adobe bridge SW. I'll set to with those tonight.

And my damned schedule change at work went through this week (no more Mondays off dammit) and my next day off ain't till next Friday...

And my work laptop was ordered this week, I think. Official reason from my assholes of a management team Asian Overlords? "In case of pandemic"

I kid you not.

I think between the workload, the schedule change, and that damned piece of hardware I'll have to cart back and forth, is what has probably got me down.
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OK - I Think I Got It

The water thing. I mean any fool can stop water in a photo. How do you get that misty, flowy lookin' stuff. In broad daylight. Can't use a timed exposure. Even in cloudy conditions.

Well you can't use timed exposures alone. Using one or two (or three) 50% gray filters plus a polarizing filter though. AND timed exposures.

Heh heh. Wait till you see 'em. Think they came out pretty good. Of course when I get home and get them off the camera and they're all blurry, I'll be a little perturbed. But I don't think so.

Oh there will be a few both under and over exposed. But the rest? Think they will be yum!

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