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May 23rd, 2009

Is it Just Me?

Or are these cloud frickin' WEIRD?


So for your bandwidth's sake...

I think so...Clicky!Collapse )
Took these yesterday afternoon after I got off the bus at the Park-N-Ride

So I Promised Some More Water Shots

...With special effects. I won't pic spam you after this one for at LEAST a DAY. Because, well, because I am tired. And I need to get up sort of early to take care of some biznez before I head off with The Canadians for points to the East...


I took these at Oyster Creek Park in Sugarland, Texas. Nice totally man-made creek, with a couple of fountains and a nice drop to get back into Oyster Creek. Kinda pissed me off that they seem to have dyed the water BLUE since I was there a few weeks ago...Really un-necessary in my opinion. But of course, they didn't ask me.

More water magic...ClickyCollapse )
This was a real learning for me. What a camera is capable of with filters...It was also a labor of love...

Night all. You may see a tweet or two from me tomorrow...If I remember to twitter...


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