May 27th, 2009


So I Had

A conversation with Susie-Q, The much better looking half of the dynamic duo I call...
... The Canadians.

And boy was she pissed...

...But not at me.

Her sister was seriously rude to me and her relatives. So Susie tried to apologize, but I was having none of that...Wasn't her fault. We did discuss the fact that sis had probably decided she was not going to like me based on the NYE débâcle with her daughter...Which I thought I had made a detailed post about. But when I went to link to it (just now) I could not find a word...

Suffice it to say Magill and I wasted a lot of time trying to find said girl and BF between 3 and 4 in the morning on NYD. It was a bad scene. And once we got them in the car they fought like cats and dogs...I KNOW I posted about this...Where the hell is the entry?

And also how I didn't really give a fuck what her sister thought of me. Zero impact. I'm bullet proof where that one is concerned.

I just think that Sis is one un-happy person.

People Are Strange

In the last week or so I've come upstairs and found the trashcan in my bathroom laying on it's side and the trash spread all over the water closet floor. Had my suspitions as to who it was and tonight when I came up to go to bed, sure enough the cat was laying half in the overturned can. He may not do that again for awhile.

Also found cat hair all over the CPAP machine. Which means he has been laying on that as well. Got to figure out how to stop that. Not the first time I've found his hair all over it either.

Yes, people are strange, but cats are stranger yet.

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And the Little Shit is Smarter than I am Too...

He's managed to knock down the pressure settings on my CPAP unit. I cannot have this.

The last time I had it in to get adjusted, I tried to watch the tech as he did it. The bastard took my unit, hunched over it and did some magical crap with the controls and had it changed in nothing flat...

So tonight I have done a web search in earnest to find out how to do it. I think the last sleep study they screwed up and the settings are too low anyway.

So I found this site:

I have found the instructions for my unit and soon hopefully will be sleeping like a baby.

I may have to kill the damned cat if he doesn't stay off the thing though.