May 28th, 2009


Kill Me Now

Stuck in a four hour training for a new Service Management Tool. We just started and I am already BORED...

Don't really give a crap about the back story. Just tell me how to use the fucker and how to find the ACTUAL HANDS ON training.

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So...The CPAP

I adjusted the settings last night on the Darth Vader machine. And while it took me a while to get to sleep, I think I slept better than I have in quite sometime. I think.

I am going to try these settings out for a week or so...

Since I only slept four to four and a half hours and I am vertical and not falling asleep I think something must be right.

Time will tell. When I first got the machine I used to bounce (BOUNCE I SAY!) out of bed even after just 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Honestly, I have been feeling tired for months now. It would be great if this adjustment was gonna fix this. I realize it is self treatment and I am not supposed to do this. But what if the sleep study was wrong? As I believe it was.

Time will tell.