June 14th, 2009


Okay...It's Official ~ I AM AN IDIOT! Damned iTunes!

dod-i-r keep my iTunes library (and most of my other media type stuff.on an external drive...Not optimal but it frees my notebook drive up from being clogged with all manner of media files...

So I bought a bunch of music and video (over the last month or so. You know how I am!) From various sources: iTunes, eMusic.com, amazon.com, etc...You get the drift.

Apparently the last few purchases I’ve made I neglect to turn on my little G-Drive M.233...See that little light on the right of the unit? That would indicate it is turned on.


Not everything I downloaded over the last month or so was in the wrong place...But enough to be a pain in MY @$$!. Brilliant scholar I am, I thought well I’ll just move the files, folders and all over the the G Drive...

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Dumbshit!!

So now when iTunes comes across one of these these songs it stops.


When you double click the song you get this:


YES! I want to locate it!


They are all there on the damned portable drive...But iTunes cannot “see” them until you “find” them...


The end result? The tune starts playing:


And the stupidest thing is...I know better....And I may just be OCD enough that I HAVE to do this...NOW! And YES I have better things to do!


Yes I do feel much better now...Thanks for listening...Erm..Reading.


dod-w-rell how was everybody’s Saturday?

I was gonna say mine was completely unproductive. Then I got to thinking about it...Maybe it was only somewhat unproductive *grins*.

This could be a somewhat mundane post...

Was up before the sun. Don’t ask. Seems that with out help (chemical or otherwise -- heh) I nearly always am...I may not get my happy ass outta bed, nut most mornings find me awake well before the dawn.

Got coffee going. Showered.

  • Drank most of the pot of said beverage.
  • Managed to throw some water on the lawn.
  • Played some Halo3
  • Decided I’d like a little more go of the back story. Went off in search of Halo 2 and the original Halo. I know we have both here. Only found the original. Loaded that up on the old Box 360. Gave that a play of a few chapters...I like it. If Halo2 is here it is probably resident in The Cool One’s den up there. *shudder* But he probably has it with him in Alabama where he’s holed up for Bombsquad training. Even though I think I remember him saying it was “lame”.
  • Balanced the checkbook.
  • Goofed about with Zuma
  • Paid bills
  • Trip to the drug store
  • Halo’d
  • Played that stoopid Bejeweled game on FB...
  • Trip to the grocery store. (twice). Once during the heat of the day. Once well after dark. Amazing how uncrowded it is after about 9:30 in the evening. I may never go during daylight hours. EVER! Does that count as 2 things?
  • Got laundry started.
  • Fell out about 1:30...Yes AM.
So I stayed busy...Productive? Some what. So what...