June 24th, 2009



97 out there today. Heat index 102. Day-yum!

So someone asked me how I can take the heat?

I said, "Well I'll tell ya. Sometimes I go out in my garage and ya know there's one thing I don't see out there."

"Yeah? Whuzzat?" he asks.


And that folks, is enough for ol' TexasT's

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So I Have Been Entertaining Myself

By looking at listings for Hi-Rises and Condos, and Lofts.

Quite a diverse crop of stuff available in Houston. And in a wide variety of prices too.

I’d love to live near downtown, but I don’t know If I’ll be able to make that happen. Reasonably...

One place in the St. Germain in downtown, the asking price is $65K. Small place and they call it a fixer-upper...Or Handyman special. Yeah I can see why too...There are no cabinets or appliances at all in the kitchen area...WTF? It is a foreclosure, and I guess the previous occupants thought what the hell, they were losing it anyway, and yoinked all that stuff outta there!