June 28th, 2009


In This Day and Age

Who would address a birthday card to Mrs. Tom TexasT’s. I wouldn’t think anyone would.

But I’d be wrong. Found one in the mail for Herself

Mrs. Herself TexasT’s would be okay... Or even: Herself TexasT’s

Herself has an aunt that lives in Ohio that still does that kind of stuff. She is an old fashioned gal. A school teacher by trade and training. Long since retired. She’s probably got Emily Post’s books all memorized...

Just sayin’

I Only Turned My Back For a Second...

Went out front to move the sprinkler a while ago. And to have a smoke...

Came back in sat in here at the computer. A minute or so later a very unpleasant but di-stink-ed odor assailed my nose...

The dog had laid a very messy and smelly landmine in the living room...*sigh*

I’ll be so glad when this place sells...

We had been in discussion as to how the possessions should be split up...I had laid a claim to the living room furniture... Having second thoughts about that at this point. The dog has laid claim to the easy chair and I am not sure if I’d ever be able to get the dog smell out of it...And I really don’t like that smell.

I think she can have it... All of it.

About the only things besides my office stuff I want (downstairs) is the coffee table and the little side table in the den. I’ll just go buy a new chair and sofa once we get the house stuff settled. Had my eye on a sofa at Ikea for a while now...I love that store.

The Offspring has an Ikea love seat and I have always liked that thing...

Shoulders BACK!

I used to have very broad shoulders...

Noticed lately a very pronounced slouch I’ve developed over the past few years...

So I’ve been trying to develop a better posture model.

Shoulders BACK, Chest OUT! Makes me an inch or two taller...LOL!

And Another Thing!

I got a dang Jury Summons in the mail yesterday.

I don’t mind going and doing my civic duty. But I gotta say I’m not happy about this one.


Because. It. Is. On. My. Next. Friday. OFF!

If I’m gonna have to go downtown and waste most of my day waiting to get picked (or not) for a case. I’d just as soon it was on the Company's time. NOT MINE!