July 1st, 2009

G'morning, Coffee

All the News That Fits

Have to See How This Goes

Supposed to get my “new” Ball and chain work laptop today.

Haven’t had one of these for literally years. Didn’t really want this one either, but dealing The Big Clam’s new version of CITRIX was giving me fits. Difficult to get to all the tools I need use and just a pain in the rear in general.

So back to VPN and lugging a “boat anchor” around as well. That’s the only downside to this, Carrying the thing around.

Sleep has Improved Somewhat

I had been waking up a time or two during the night. Inexplicable. Was sleeping with a box fan blowing over the bed. Turned that off and problem solved! Must have been making me a little too chilled or something. Because now that I’ve turned it off, I sleep (mostly) through the night.

Still waking up before the alarm. Depends on when I go to sleep, of course, but I seem to be waking up *BING!* after 5-6 hours of sleep. Not sure if this is really enough, but I’m okay with it as long as I can function. This seems to happen even after taking sleep meds too. Dunno.

More Work Stuff

        You Are Not Pulling Your Weight

Had a fairly insulting note from my Asian Overlord basically stating he didn’t think I was pulling my fair share. I thought I had been doing fairly well. He would pull stats on the one day I only closed 3 issues and touched 3 or 4 others. We are basically rated on “Closed” issues. Wrong statistic to use in a second level job like mine.

So I’ve asked my US team mates to keep track of what issues they work on (and close) for the next week or so. Just to see if these folks are full of bullshit or I really do need to change the way I work.

I don’t seem to pull a lot of tickets that I can just work and close... Meh.

        Are We Moving?

We’ll be going to work for a manager in the 3rd Quarter that I’ve worked with before. Recently she’s pulled all of her teams to work at a different location. They were all over the city and now she has them all at our location over by Reliant Stadium. Can’t blame her really, a lot of the teams didn’t want to go. It makes using mass transport somewhat well, difficult.

Got a workaround that I don’t really want to use, and it will mean replacing my 1998 Saturn before I really want to. I’ll have to go to the Park and Ride and pick up a slug, drop them downtown, and then continue on for points south.

So I’ve sent her a note to ask for a few minutes of her invaluable time to discuss whether or not we’ll be moving. This will have quite an impact as to where I eventually move once the house sells. Also should I put my usual amount on my bus card or just nickel and dime it until she deems it necessary for us to re-locate.
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The Daily Commute

Yesterday once again a white boy in a late model BMW proved my "asshole white boy behind the wheel of a German performance sedan"

Added another car to my "Will not ride with" list.

This guy tail gated, sped, drove very aggressively and just in general showed his ass in the ride in.

WTF is it with most white guys and German cars? Must you act an ass everytime you sit in the driver's seat?

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Well Fuckkkkkkk!

The Portable Computing Platform Thing

That was supposed to take place today was a total CLUSTER-FUCK! I still don’t have a laptop at this point. Spent half of my day screwing around with this crap. Totally nonproductive. And I’ll probably get another ugly missive from the Asian Overlord about it.

The guy showed up promptly at 900. Did a complete backup of all my stuff (at my request) and proceeded with the new (to me) machine. Well half my tools didn’t install and there was no way to do the install. The help-desk fool I spoke with told me at first it was going to be possibly be 24 hours before all the required stuff would push to my machine.

I was incredulous and asked him to check his sources again. Came back and said wait an hour and reboot and try again. If that didn’t work to call back. After 2 hours and a warm boot and two cold boots, I had had it. Called back and got the SAME GUY. Odds of this in a company the size of the one I work for are pretty slim.

Oh Brother! He waned to do a remote desktop share. I didn’t think this would do any good as I know more than he did. But I relented. He got a look at the machine name and said he would be unable to help me further. And I would need o call another help-desk because I was an employe of such and such (another division). I assured him that I was NOT an employee of that other division. Nevertheless he would not be able to assist me further and would I like him to connect me?

No I wouldn’t but go ahead. He did a warm passoff and the other guy sounded like he was RUSSIAN! He did a tweak or two and said now you need to restart and call them back. And then DISCONNECTED me.

By this time I was at a pretty good rolling boil... I had already IM’ed the tech from desktop support, sent him an email, and left a phone message asking him what part of the seven hells he had left me in. And he needed to bring me the right machine. I started a reboot and walked away. When I got back and was in the process of logging back on, I heard a little cough behind me and the techie was there and had brought back my desktop. He knew he had screwed this up. And would I mind if he brought me a different machine on Tuesday? It will be a newer machine and from the right inventory.

Sure I said. He hooked my desktop back up and I was in business. Then he told me I was lucky that I had caught him as it might have been next week before he got back to me otherwise.

I assured him that HE and HIS supervisor were the lucky ones, as I could not be down for two days. And they would not have liked the messages I would have left for them...

We had a nice laugh about that. And I got back to work. And so did he.

Total elapsed time: 5 HOURS. Shot my day to hell it did.

This is another example of the many reasons NOT to outsource your infrastructure...
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