July 5th, 2009

G'morning, Coffee

Conversation From Yesterday...

Right before the steaks went on the grill...

David: You like your steak burnt?

Donna (David’s wife): No

David: You like your steak burnt?

RIchard: No

David: You like your steak burnt?

Tom (me): No

David: You like your steak burnt?

Michele: No

David: You like your steak burnt?

Richard (Michele’s SO): No

David: You like your steak burnt?

Brett (Donna and David’s son): No

Donna: Now David, you know no one likes to eat shoe leather except you!


Thanks to Richard and Michele for introducing me to these wonderful folk. David and Donna live out in the (almost) country outside of Houston on about two acres of (what will be) some wonderfully landscaped property. Already well on its way too.

Great conversations and good times! Once again I needed to be shown (apparently) that life need not be the miserable piece of shit that mine is right now.

Michele, David and I all work for The Big Clam. All of us are long term folk and have spent some time working in the same divisions, albeit not at the same time. And we have that unique bond that comes from dealing with (and sometimes being a victim of) the absurdity that comes from working for a huge multi-national corporation.

Michele and Richard have saved my sanity on more that one occasion, yesterday being one of these times. Dunno what I would have done without them yesterday.

Bonus! Richard had a 52mm IR (infrared) filter and he let me fool with it yesterday in the backyard. Need to get one of these...Cool stuff!

Makes for some eerie black and white work in post processing. (next Post or two!) Have a few pictures to share.

Reckon I'll Have to

Start going through my half of the garage in the next day or so. But right now, There’s a six foot pile mountain of trash (or at the very least flotsam and jetsam) at the foot of the driveway...

I may wait to see just how much of that gets picked up, tomorrow is trash day, before I add to it.

Not angry or hurt any more (at the moment anyway), just kind of resigned to it. And hoping it will be over soon. And then we can all get on with whatever it is we need to get on with!

Oh and here’s a picture of Link alleycat2681’s cat. Awaiting breakfast...

Earth in my camera

Infrared Filter...

I’m gonna need one of theses monsters. Holy crap!

These are all timed exposures taken in mid afternoon at various shutter times. Enjoy!

Original - And this one is my favorite of the four:


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My friend Richard actually has a high end DSLR that was converted to Infrared...Now THAT camera can take some eerie stuff!