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July 18th, 2009

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Just sitting here at $tarbuck$ with my iced latte. I get a call from Susanne, half of the duo known to (most of) you as The Canadians.

Redfish (yum!) on the Barbie tonight!

I'm saved. I'll go over this afternoon sometime and have a nice float in the pool too.

Susie just bought a D60 and wants to go take some photos as well. They live right across from Hermann Park. She's checked the Japanese garden out and wants to walk down and do some pictures. And I've been wanting to get over there too. The Mecom Fountain is nearby and I've been wanting to shoot that as well!

A win-win!

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Random Things (Bear with me here)

Ooooo That Smell. Can't Ya Smell That Smell

Noticed a leak in the garden hose out front this morning as I was doin' a little splashie splashie for the grass this morning. No problem, I'll just go by the hardware store and pickup a repair kit. Figured while I was out I'd get smokes (I know all right?) and tool by $tarbuck$ a get a coffee and read a while. It was a nice morning and all. Not quite 1000 degrees out yet.

As I was sitting outside with my coffee, I caught a whiff, just a whiff mind, of a certain kind of odor. We've all smelled it. It is the smell of decaying matter. Of trash that has set out too long. Or of a garbage truck as it goes by. I also associate that smell with death. Don't ask me why. But I do.

Figured it was one of their trashcans or something. On and off I get a whiff of this. I have my conversation with The Canadians finish my coffee a head back to the house to fix the hose.

I get there and assemble the materials fir the hose fix. And WTF? I still smell that smell.

Garden Hose 2 TexasT's 0

I start on the hose and it is giving me a hard time. Pretty soon I'm sweating bullets. Trying to get the repair tube fully inserted into the two freshly cut ends of the hose is turning out to be quite the bitch of a thing to do.

Finally it dawns on me to soak the ends if the hose in hot water to soften them up so I could seat the tube properly (it was in the instructions).

And I still smell that smell.

I get the hose assembled. Finally.

And I still smell that smell.

I go to test the hose fix. When I turn the water on. The fix is fine.

But the hose itself has managed to develop a leak on either side of my repair. I surrendered. I'll just have to make another trip a by a new hose. Some rot or something has set in.


And I still smell that smell. So I wonder is it me? And I pull off my shirt and give it a smell. Nope! Look at my shorts. Nope! I pull off one of my shoes. OMG!

So I get my *leaky* hose and give my boatshoes a good shower and leave em on the stoop. Then come up stairs to take a shower and pack.

I hope that takes care if it. Jeebus!

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