August 1st, 2009


It's Hot!

I watered yesterday morning after my doctor’s visit, so of course it rained. Not enough to really make any difference but still.

Spent most of the afternoon dinking around with my bicycle. Mounted the bike on my car rack. Thought about that one for a while. HAH! Mounted on the trunk of the Saturn Express, it’s a good working height. Eventually I may need a bike stand, but for now, the trunk mount will do. Found a good spot for the lock holder . One that doesn’t interfere with either my legs or the bike rack. Then I installed the bike computer. (honestly that’s what they are called now) It is a Trek branded unit. Gives:

  • Clock
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Average speed
  • Trip
Has more (documentation says eight functions), but this is what I’ll be focused on for now, so all good. This particular unit is wireless. I spent a couple of hours screwing around with this thing. Never did get it to work.The unit itself seemed to be working. But no data transfer. Thought I must have done something wrong with the sensor. I’d fool around with it, moving the sensor and wheel magnet and then try a short ride to see if I’d get at least speed. No dice. I was sweating bullets by this time.

Man, you know it is hot and humid if you are sweating with minimal physical effort... But it is August in Southeast Texas so this is what you get.

So I cooled down a bit, and then put the bike on the car and drove over to the bike shop. Asked one of the techs in back if they were familiar with the unit (I’d taken the box from the thing in with me). He said sure and asked me what the problem was. I ‘splained my dilemma and we went out to have a look.

Bad sensor was the diagnosis. He changed that out quickly, checked it and sent me on my way, a happy camper. Those guys at The Bike Barn (the ones I’ve dealt with any way) are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. And all but one are very buffed up. DUH!

Once I got to the house and pulled the bike off the car, I decided a little road test was in order just to make sure it was working properly. Earlier in the week, I had clicked off the distance to various points from the house with the odometer in my car, so I decided to take it to the half mile mark and back.

That last 0.3 miles seemed to be a fucking really long way. Hah! I really am in crappy shape. But the unit seems to be functioning correctly. Got my distance (correct!) high and low speeds, average, and time spent. These things really have advanced since the last one I bought. Don’t really like the button configuration, but it was on sale.

And no, I won’t share because my data really sucks!

Had a cool down and then went to Jason's Deli for a nice salad. Came home fiddled around on the computer for a while and then went to bed.

This morning I fiddled with Quicken and the Chase Web site. I was with WAMU. Nuff said. I am not fond of Chase for a variety of reasons. Reckon there will be a change in this soon, but for now I’ve got Quicken and talking.

After that I decided to take the bike out for another mile. Fark! I really am in for shit bad shape... But everybody’s gotta start somewhere and I’m feeling Ok, so...

I’m not kidding myself though, this is going to take some time. I haven’t worked out since High School. I was fairly active until about 11-13 years ago. I was never in really good shape but I had kind of an outdoor thing going on...


Gonna pay some bills and then? Think maybe I’ll have a look at the pile of shit stuff in the garage today. I still need to deal with that...

Talked to The Canadians last night while I was at Jason’s. They called to check on me. They were both pretty well lit too. But I’ll give them a call later this morning later today I think and maybe go over and fall in their pool for a while and have dinner.

House Stuff

We’ve had an offer on the house. We’ve countered of course. So now we wait.

And the house is supposed to show between 1:30 and 3:00 this afternoon too. Rather large window but hey, who am I to argue?

Aside from the fact it's bloody hot outside. Sheesh...

Usually I would bail to the back yard from the start of the window. Not today. Me and the dawg will take to the backyard only if they show...