August 2nd, 2009

G'morning, Coffee

You Want Me to do Without WHAT?

No caffeine (OMG!) for me for the next 24 hours. Right after I finish this cuppa Joe. How will I ever manage? Been trying to cut back any way, somewhat successfully.

Went for another mile this morning on the bike. This will get easier, I know... I didn’t get into this shape over night, soooooo.

Already noticed something though. My calves or achilles tendons are not so sore in the morning since I started this. Sometimes they were sore all day. Others only after I had been sitting a while. Those first few steps in the morning could be...Interesting...

They were so sore in the mornings I thought I had run a marathon (HAHAHAHA!) in my sleep. And this for about a year I guess. Doctor says, “No your muscles are atrophied.” Crap. She is right of course.

So those are getting stretched. This is yet another Good Thing!

Made tentative plans to have breakfast with The Offspring, last night so I had best get in gear. Need a shower for starters...