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August 9th, 2009

My Plan is Working Perfectly...

*heh heh*

The free cyclers have been hitting my pile of stuff. Couple if old beer crates and ALL the model railroading mags I put out were gone sometime this morning. And some dude just hauled off my child hood desk. Glad to see some if this crap won't go to waste!

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Lost Then found

Lost my cordless screwdriver (what a silly name. Aren’t all screwdrivers cordless!?) a few months ago. found it in the wreckage that is my garage on Friday. Set it to charge (it was quite dead) and it is now functioning perfectly. So handy when dis or re assembly is required. So much better than a drill, provided not much torque is required.

Gotta hand it to Black and Decker...Best thing they ever manufactured in my opinion!

Multi tasking here - got laundry going whilst I am out side.


Well That's Cheesed It!

About the time I get a good head of steam going the sky opens up...I know we need the rain, but can’t you see I’m busy out here?


Thunder, lightning and all...Coursing down pretty good now...

Managed to get most everything I had on the driveway back into the garage before it REALLY started to rain!

Someone trying to tell me something? Guess I needed a break anyway, eh?
Guess I’ll pay attention to the laundry for a bit...



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