August 11th, 2009


Test Results Are IN!

The cardiologist's office says there are no issues with my heart. Other than the condition of my general health and the fact that I need to make changes in my lifestyle.


The doctor's office says my cholesterol is quite high however. Should be able to get it down with diet, exercise and some drug which has already been called into the pharmacy... In other words - Lifestyle changes!


Seriously though I am glad that there is nothing wrong with my ticker. Although i would still like to know...

I have to say though based on what I've read and heard it could have been an anxiety attack. Hoping once some of the changes take place on the home front that there will be no more of them. Honestly...What ever it was, scared the shit outta me!

Awesome me

Oh I Guess I Could Mention

dod-i-r haven’t had a smoke since about mid day. But I have chewed the hell out of some low dosage nicotine gum...Heh heh.

Figure even that has got to be better for me than smoking. I’ve felt a little jittery, but otherwise ok. So far. I hadn’t even really planned this stoppage. But when I ran out right before lunch, I just decided not to immediately go buy another pack.

Mentioned the fact I hadn’t had a smoke since about 11:30 to Herself, as she was headed out the door this evening. Her comment was, “I’m sorry...

Well I ain’t. At least not yet. We’ll see.

She has a lot on her plate stress wise and since she won’t share it with me... Not really sure how concerned I should be.

Don’t know about y’all’s IT groups, but my team seems to run on caffeine, salty stuff and chocolate. Keeping this in mind I took 2 tangerines, 2 granny smith apples and some honey nut Cheerios with me when I left for work this morning. So instead of some chocolate this morning I had a tangerine and an apple. I guess you could call that my breakfast. Instead of chocolate after lunch, I had a tangerine. And when I was feeling a little peckish later in the afternoon, I had my cheerios AND an apple. So...Not so bad.

Caffeine though? No sodas, but I did have several cups of Joe this morning...So not so much. You can have the rest, but if you try to take my coffee away yer liable to draw back a NUB instead of your hand. You HAVE been warned.

Off to scare up some dinner...