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August 17th, 2009


Somebody trying to tell me something?

When I got home yesterday evening. Noticed the (AC) compressor for the upstairs was humming. Not running. Humming. Looks like the fan motor may have seized up. Shit!

Hot up there. Herself slept on the counch in the den. I went up and took a cool shower. Pointed a box fan at my bed, turned it on high. Got into bed. Zzzzzzzzzz

And this morning, I spent 45 minutes looking for my keys. Found them finally. In my shirt pocket. WTF!?

I never put them in there. Well until today. Whoops!


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It Is Hotter Than Hell Upstairs

The AC guy is coming TOMORROW. I was going to stay withThe Canadians in town, but since I got home from work so late I cancelled.

I just used a bunch of my points at La Quinta and I’ve got a room right up the street on the freeway. FREE! Well taxes maybe.

But still, better than a hunnert bucks!

Probably take my mac with me... So see you on the other side. Maybe.

Just a Quick One

I contacted an apartment hunting service over the weekend. By this morning I had half a dozen properties to consider. They all look pretty nice. All are inside the loop.









Now I need to do a little research on these communities. Also I may want to widen the search just a little outside the loop. Not too far, but just enough for a little price drop.

At least half of these properties offer some type of incentive to employees of The Big Clam as well.

Herself informed me that our buyers would like to move up closing a week. She wanted to make sure I was okay with it. I haven’t agreed yet. Dunno if I will. Get all my stuff packed and ready to go within 3 weeks...Hmmmm...


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