August 19th, 2009


A Mind of it's Own?

Went to listen to my iPod this afternoon. Pulled it out of my bag to find it on and playing music of it's own volition. Must've hit play as I was putting it into my bag this morning.

I had to go back and see what I missed. Like this: Toshiyuke Watanabe ~ White Fantasy

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Plan for Friday and Saturday

My Friday off. Gonna hit the ground running. Get my drivers license renewed. Expired in February. *Jeebus - Don’t ask. Let’s just say it was unpaid fine related*

Go look at a bunch of apartments for the day. Gonna call a co-worker friend of mine after he gets off work - around five. He lives in a complex right on the rail line and that is also 1/2 a mile from where I expect to be office-ing before the end of the year. Check the complex without the cutesy tour. FIRST. And he’ll show me his apartment as well. It is a HUGE complex though. And I’m beginning to have second thoughts about this.

(Reminds me I need to call another former co-worker and find out where he and his wife live - I think they are just outside Loop 610)

Then I’ll be off to The Canadians’ to spend the night and get some downtime in the pool over there.

And hopefully look at some more apartments Saturday morning.

Starting to re-think on this whole complex thing. The units seem to be so small. I’m used to spreading my stuff out. I don’t really want to have to go visit my storage room every time I need something. Maybe a duplex or a quad would be better for me. Still have to keep the storage unit. but I wouldn’t have to have so MUCH in it.

Along those lines I’ve asked The Offspring to be on the lookout in her area. I think that’s where I really want to be anyway. Still close in, but on a street somewhere. Not hidden behind a gate in some penitentiary gated community. The safety is a factor but hell...

I think the rent is probably more stable anyway when you rent from a person instead of a mega corp. They are all about the money. Some folks just want to make the note and a little more...Probably like to deal with that more than dealing with some fucking huge unfeeling corporation. I deal with that fucking shit five days a week as it is!

This post took me longer than I thought...One I start thinking though.

Off to pack another box...