August 21st, 2009


Went to Do the Driver License Renewal Thing

Went through a 2 hour wait just to be told the couldn’t do a renewal, because of an outstanding Warrant / Ticket. For Corrigan, Texas. I knew it! That podunk town was gonna find a way to fuck me over again!

Fuckers! I took care of this in March. The nice lady at the DPS gave me the phone number for the Corrigan Courthouse and the docket number. For which I am grateful. Drove home and called. The nice Clerk of the Court told me that she shows a cleared out and paid on March 25th...She gives me a number to call to check and see if there are anymore outstanding warrants.


Ok, now what. She puts me on hold and calls the DPS data center. I hang up after 4 minutes. And call the warrants hotline. Sure enough, City of Corrigan has a Failure to Appear on me. The docket number being the same as the one I was given at the DPS. And get this ~ The fine owed? $0.00


Call the court back. She starts to give me a hard time about hanging up. I politely ignore this and ask what can be done? Well she has to re-enter the thing and then zero it out...Which she will do. It takes about three to five working days to work it’s way through the antiquated computer system that is the DPS...


Gotta pack my stuff and go look at some apartments!