August 30th, 2009


This is Still Quite Strange...

Been packing like a fiend the last few days and preparing to shift some stuff to the storage room from the house, and preparing to shift stuff from the storage room to my new place.

Took a load over to the Storage Unit yesterday, and spent quite a bit of time there deciding what I was going to have room for. At one point I welled up pretty good, but got a grip just as quickly. Dunno if It was about the Splitzville thing, or actually looking at a lot of this stuff that used to be my Mom’s. Maybe it was both. Packed up most of the clothes in my closet today. Just leaving enough to get me through a few days of work and not work.

Don’t know if yall know this about me, but I rarely wear T-shirts anymore. Except in the winter time under something else. I got to a point where I just didn’t like the way I looked in them. As a result of this phobia *grins* virtually all my shirts are button downs. So most went into one of those U-Haul wardrobe boxes.

Still have a few Tees but I won’t wear them until I lose some weight.

Any way, this still feels quite strange. This going in separate directions. Not bad. Just strange. And to watch everything we own going into a box or something... Well it can be quite overwhelming at times.

Also strange, I went to sign up for electrical service on line the other day. I went to sign up for electrical service the other day. The Web site would not let me complete it. Said it was already in process. Odd. The page said the process was started at Midnight 5 days before the entry I was making at the time. And was for 09/25/2009. Call the electric company, they didn’t see any request form me. Of course they cannot use the tracking numbers from the Web site. WTF!?

So either I did this in my sleep or something else is up. Tried too call my guy over at the apartments to verify my unit but of course he was out.

And the only people at the electric folks that can help with this is the web support folks. They only work 9 to 5 mon-fri. So after I talk to the apartment guys on Monday I’ll be calling these folks too.

Does everything have to be a frickin’ test?

That was a Little Weird...

And awkward. One of Herself’s nieces (whom I never liked and who never liked me either) came and picked up all The Cool One’s furniture. I remember when he got that stuff. It was quite the time before Herself and I were an item.

In fact we were still married to other folks. Kinda weird to watch it all walk out the door in short order...But I’m sure it will be put to hard use...It is some very sturdy stuff.