September 1st, 2009

Awesome me

No Plumber At T's House Today.

Plumber is supposed to call tomorrow. So still no water here at the house. Not much packing got done tonight. Finished off a box or two. Got a bunch of crap done about the move...Shut off date for the gas and water, arranged the movers for Tuesday. Paid a farkin deposit for the electric and arranged to get that turned on.

Still need to do some change of addreses and arrange for the cable transfer. The transfer might happen tonight. We’ll see.

And I’m tired. Woke up at like 3:15 this morning. Bleh...

Rather than impose myself on any of my friends, I’ve booked a room at a Motel up the freeway. Didn’t get a shower this morning so WILLNEEDONE in the morning. Got clothes for tomorrow So I can go straight to the P&R.

I think I’ll attempt to pay some bills from the Motel as well. If I don’t pass out first that is.

OKAYYYYYYY. Off to scrounge some dinner and get to my room.