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September 4th, 2009

Questions for the Friendslist?

I was up by four this morning and sometimes I think about these things... Plus it’s only 10 of 6 or thereabouts and I have had about five cups of coffee(!) BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Do you prefer to make one post a day? Or several?


Do you prefer to read just one post a day from your friends? Or get several throughout the day?


(Not that this will change the way I do my entries! *grins*)

I tend not to care if y’all make multiple entries a day. I am interested in your slices of life, as it were. So one, two or six... Or however many it takes. Bring it on!

By the same token, with the way I can tend to be online at any time (well nearly anyway) I generally can post pretty much any number of times about any number of things, provided I can see the keyboard (or whatever) clearly and type it out without too much difficulty. So I, tend to post a least twice a day about dissimilar subjects.

Yours in curiosity,
Posty McPostalot.


I don't know (and I don't care!) what that sludge was that I found in the bottom of one of the trash cans. But any sludge that moves when disturbed, must be DESTROYED...

Or at least washed out of the can and then sterilized with BLEACH!

Yuck!Yuck! Yuck!Yuck!Yuck!Yuck!

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I'm Off! ~ But Y'all Knew That Already!


Gotta do a follow-up with the Doctor on my meds change about 6 weeks ago.

Then a stop for some breakfast!

And then off to the storage room to unload the crap I loaded into the Saturn Express this morning.

See what happens when I wake up at 4AM? I am positively flippin’ productive! Of course the neighbors might be cussing me...

Oh and a stop at a Bed Bath and Beyond in between one of those. I need:

  • A shower curtain
  • One of those curvy shower rods
  • Shower curtain hooks
  • A new shower massage
  • And some kinda shaving light. (I like to do it in the shower! *raises eyebrow*)
Later kids!


Lest We Get Too Far Ahead

It seems the Saturn Express has developed a passive air conditioning system. It's cooling, but there's no damned FAN. Here's hoping it is just a fuse.

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Wasting Time I Do Not Have!

Had a great visit at the doctors'. Everything that is supposed to be happening is! She suggested one of the meds might be interferring with my sleep. Suggested that I change the time I take it.

The car shop? Not so much. Needless to say, it wasn't a damned fuse. The motor itself is fucked. Another frickin' expense I don't need this month.

But fark! Can't live around here wihout AC. Not this time of year anyway. Waiting for my car to be fixed is not something I was planning on either.

I got shit to do people!!

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  • A shower curtain ~ procured (a liner too!)
  • One of those curvy shower rods ~ Nixed ~ gotta drill holes for that so I think I’ll hold off a bit
  • Shower curtain hooks ~ Check!
  • A new shower massage ~ Yup! One of those with the dual heads too!
  • And some kinda shaving light. Nope ~ thought I’d wait a bit on that.
  • Also picked up some kitchen gadgetry and some of those stone coasters.
After I bailed the car out of the repair shop I made three trips to the storage unit. Right now it is full to bursting! Everything I want to take from there over to the new place is parked right up front though. Should be quick for he movers to load.

  • Kitchen table with 1 leaf
  • 4 chairs for said table
  • A low boy chest (or bureau)
  • A small bookcase
  • An old mirror
I’ve packed a two wheel dolly and one that is convertible from two to four in the car. It is a long way from the elevator to the apartment. We don’t need to make our arms any longer than necessary*grins*.

My stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond is in the trunk.

In a bit I’ll go pack the laundry stuff, Soap and dryer sheets and stuff. The first thing to be done is some laundry! I’d have done it here except he washer ad dryer have gone! So the dirty clothes go with me. There ain’t much, but it will be nice to get it out of the way!

I’ll stop somewhere along the way and pickup some beer, water and gatorade or something...And maybe a little snacky (High energy)type stuff.

An old set of PC speakers for the iPod is also on the list to go. A table from the back yard and a couple of folding chairs. And my current projects case.

I’m sure I am forgetting something. Hopefully I’ll remember it before I leave.

The Offspring will be giving me a hand tomorrow as well. And Sunday too if we can manage it. I need to tell her to bring a suit (and towel, god knows where mine are!) and maybe we can take a dip in the pool after.

This is kind of exciting!


So after I (sort of) chewed the kid that is the leasing agent at the Verandah for almost leasing me an apartment that was already leased.

Nick is the same age as The Cool One, but he is twisted a little different. We've had several long conversations about a wide variety of things over the last couple of weeks.

Nice to know I can connect with a 20-something that doesn't have to actually connect with me.

We were talking on the phone about what day I was moving.

N: You know, I'm kind of excited about you moving in here.

T: Now why on earth would you be excited about a 50 year old guy moving in here?

N: Well I think you are probably the coolest person I have leased an apartment to, or that I've talked to, since I started work here.

T: *speechless* oh really? If i'm the coolest guy here, then this place is in real trouble, my friend. But thanks, Nick.

Heh heh.

As if...

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