September 6th, 2009


I Know...

I have been a bit self absorbed lately and not talking much to y’all on your posts. Grateful I am for the comments you have left me.

Seem to have lost one flister this past week. fitzjameshorse severed the tie between us. Dunno ‘bout that one. Maybe I just wasn’t feminine enough!? He seems to like the ladies! Or maybe I just don’t comment enough lately? Dunno.

Took some nice shots of the pool last night from my balcony with the D60. But without a way to get them from the camera to my Mac to flickr, I can’t really share them.

I’ll need to get some curtains for the Bedroom I think. The illuminated banner on the top of the tower generates a bit more light than I am used to and the blinds, nice as they are will not be enough.

Got stuff to do folks! See ya!

Waiting for a Load of Wash to Cycle

Couple of things come to mind.

I washed AND dried am expensive pair of earphones. They don't seem to be terribly damaged, except the right side plays considerably louder than left now. *grins*

The three drawers in the kitchen are so small they are about useless. I'll need a knife block for starters. And I'll have to come up with a counter top solution for silver ware storage now. One thing - lots of counter space.

My kitchen table ain't gonna make the trip here either. Need a couple of counter height barstools. Looked at IKEA but didn't really see anything I fancied. I'll have to keep looking.

Cable Guy *heh* should be here tomorrow. Reckon I ought to bring a TV over first thing in the morning. *laughs*

The house is supposed to be cleaned tomorrow even though all my stuff isn't out yet. *sigh* Whatever.

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