September 7th, 2009


Progress Has Been Made...

I can see the counter top and parts of the floor *heh* in here now. Sure that will all change tomorrow when the rest of the boxes and what little furniture I am bringing will be here.

Got tunes. Via my laptop. Can’t seem to find my iPod. Hope I left it at the house. Cannot really recall, other than I remember picking it up off the counter here last night before I left because I was listening to it on the way to the car. Dunno. I’ll be pissed if I’ve managed to lose the durn thing. It must better be at the house.

Got cable. Got inter-webs. The wireless is working. Pretty quick too. And it should. The size of this place compared to my house! HAHA! My neighbors could leech onto my signal if I didn’t have a good password. Not impossible. Just good.

The cable though...Missing a lot of the channels I should have. I have to call them tomorrow at some point to say...WTF People!?

Thanks for the suggestions from [Bad username: nodressrehearsal] and yukonsally Got the drawer inserts (although they are not the ones that were suggested.) And that whatchamacallit for knives? Brilliant idea. I’ll shop around for that one.

I was sitting here thinking I would wait for traffic to die down before I left... HAHAHAHA! It is a friggin holiday!

The next few days are gonna be killer for sure. Got a lot of work to do at the house before the movers get there in the morning, yet. So I’d best be about it...