September 9th, 2009


Some Fucking People Are Unbelievable...

What a miserable life it would be to be confined in an 8 X 4 foot cage. I can see on a patio on the first floor here. There is a dog. He or she doesn’t look like it gets much attention. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen anyone interact with the dog yet in the several days I have been here. And I’ve been on my patio. A LOT.

Looks like a sheperd mix of some kind. Very listless. Kind of like the big cats you would see at the zoo. Mopey. If dogs can be said to mope. There seem to be kids there. Bicycles on the patio and such. But there seems to be no one there for the dog.

Why the fuck would you have a dog if all you are gonna do with it is leave it out on a small patio?

I will not be able to watch too much more of that... I’ll have to do something. And soon. Even though it would be termed to be none of my business, this is inexcusable behavior... And these people are allowed (apparently) to reproduce...

Fucking people. Sometimes I hate ‘em.


Was at the House...

Removing some old chemistry from the garage. Paint etc. Strange kinda analogy there. *grins*

I almost didn't go inside. Better that I hadn't, I think.

There's nothing there. Just a house. With a whole lotta memories. Mostly good from my perspective.

Sitting in a neighborhood bar. Having a cold one before I drive back into town.

Must be my allergies. My eyes seem to be watering.

Made some progress today. Not enough. But some. Been a rainy day today.

Talked to Herself for a bit today. She seems pretty upbeat about the whole thing too. Supposed to close tomorrow at 1100. Neither of us has a clue where the fuck that is supposed to happen.

She sounds good. I'm glad. But I need to get outta here soon. Maybe I'll stop and get a sixer or something. Or find a new neighborhood bar.

Called in today and just went ahead and took the rest of the week off. Maybe I'll be able to get some rest.

Probably will need to do something about anwindow covering of some kind for my bed room. Little bright in there last night or this morning. Was after 130 when I finally laid down and shut my eyes.

But. As I said. Progress of some kind has been made. Took a couple of things back out to the storage room. I have too much stuff. More shedding of stuff will be required. Gonna be crowded in my little corner of the world otherwise. I'll have to give this some serious thought.

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Just Outta the Shower

Before I went to that bar out in the hinterlands I went and got my hairs cut. Nothing drastic just a trim. I hate that feeling of short hairs down my neck...Makes me itch.

Anyhoo... Just sitting here on my crowded little patio. Having a beer and a smoke.

I am quite all right, y’all. Really I am. Just get a little misty eyed on occasion. And who wouldn’t?

After I finish with this post and replying to y’all’s comments I’m gonna go unpack the two boxes of bathroom crap I have. I finally made enough room in the living and kitchen areas to get the chairs and a small book case (!) that the movers put in there. I will have control of at least one room dammit!

Got my CD’s, DVD and Video tapes unpacked, along with getting started to put together my audio video system. I could have spent all afternoon on that, but I had shit to do out in the hinterlands, so I tore myself away. Tomorrow, perhaps.

I did call the cable company last night, because all I seemed to have were the local (WTF!?) channels. That was straightened out by tech support right away. Cool.

I got the toob and VCR hooked up in the bedroom last night as well. Just the basic channels in there. No converter. And the cable modem and my router have hiccuped a couple of times but no biggie there.

I really am gonna have to do another purge I think, lest I be overwhelmed by stuff. My basic idea was to simplify things here. And I’ll get there. Just gonna take a little time I reckon.