September 10th, 2009


Good Morning!

Someone (!) Took the empty boxes I had sitting outside my door this morning? I was using the big ones to hold the broken down boxes as I emptied them. I was gonna take the full one down to the trash this morning and lo and behold! They’s gone, massa!

Hope no-one complained...

Finally got an address for closing.

I’ll make another trip out to the storage room today to drop some more crap into the abyss...*grins* After closing.

Will have to start thinking about how the hell I’m gonna get to work now. I think there’s a Park and Ride around here somewhere... Research...

I really do like how bright it is here in my place. Of course when I put the book shelves on either side of the patio doors it darkened the room. Considerably. Can’t have every thing. It’s still not a tomb by any means
Awesome me

More on the Dog on the Patio and Other Shit

I may have been a bit hasty. Noticed the last couple of NIGHTS, it hasn’t been on it’s patio. Still there during the day, but not at night as far as I can tell...

So that’s good and I am REALLY glad I didn’t follow my first impulse and call the SPCA or something on those folks. Still don’t like it much. As long as there is adequate shade and water...

And yanno if I had had a say about what to do with that silly assed Boxer we had (and she still does), his ass would have been parked in the backyard while we were at work too. And I might have had living room furniture at this point. No matter, I’ll have some soon anyway.

On that note, I may be rethinking the whole big fat leather chair thought I had been having. May go with something a little more sensible.

Like this Poang chair and footstool. Actually that’s A LOT more sensible. That might leave me enough to get the VISIO flat panel I’ve been eyeballing.

Not too much got done around here this afternoon, after we closed on the house, I went by the bank (of course) so Chase could tell me they were gonna hold the funds on this check. From a title company...ORLY? I hate effing Chase man. As soon as I’ve got time to do some research I’ll be bailing on them.

And my controller thing I got from the complex won’t open the front gate. WTF!? Opens the others... They’ve got some s’plainin’ to do, Lucy! Needless to say I’ll be paying those guys downstairs a visit tomorrah.

And I found this interesting...The social Media Revolution. Check it:

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10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 We Have Lift-Off!

Got the Audio put together in the Living Room. Of course in this space 500 Watts / Channel is some serious overkill *heh*.

Even hooked up a CASSETTE deck... Hah! Do they even make those anymore? Got a pile of tapes too. Do they even make those anymore?

Went by Sam’s club to drool on the Flat panel TVs today. I think a 32“ would be about right for this space... We’ll seeeeee.