September 13th, 2009

Awesome me

So I Got the Sofa Together

But they delivered the wrong cover. So after I put the thing together I went and exchanged it for the right one.

Even though nary a tool was required, this thing was a serious wooly bugger to put together. By myself anyway. But it’s done.


I think for my next trick I’ll try putting something simple together. Like the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING maybe?


And a close up of the greatest invention EVER! Magic slider!


And here is a picture of the disaster that is my apartment at the moment. Looking in from the front door!

Awesome me

I Am a Little Disappointed in IKEA

I’m going to have to make yet another trip due to shoddy QC on their part. The trip this morning was all about that as well.

One of the extensions I bought for the shelf units came with 2 left sides! WTF?! Never seen that many issues in one order before.

That trip will have to be made tomorrow. In the meantime is this thing BLUE or what?!


All Right Dammit!

To put this Secretary and add-on together requires about 100 tiny brads...

I just went and found my electric staple-gun. No more screwing around.

But first, I’m gonna take a break and go down and fall in the pool for a bit.

Then I’m gonna finish the tuna sandwich I had for lunch. Then I’m gonna kick this secretary add-on in the ass and knock off for the night. After I clean up the card board and stuff in here, I’m gonna chill on my couch for a while. I ain’t gonna build Rome in a day either...