September 15th, 2009

Awesome me

Desk Finished.

It is a beaut too. One of the doors has an “I can’t stay open” issue but I’ll deal with that later. I think one of the hinges are crooked, or something. Scope it out later,

Pictures once I’ve cleaned it up a bit. Finger prints and smudges all over the thing...

Shelves tomorrow I think. I still need to make another trip to Ikea to exchange one of the expansion sets, but I might be able to build one or so tomorrow...

Be glad when I get that done because then I can have the bedroom back!

Mission Accomplished

The vision of TexasT’s realized. Sort of. Well, not really.

But getting close!

The desk that could cause a solar eclipse:


In it’s corner as I originally thought.


The shelves from Hell.


These things nearly ate me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had originally envisioned 3 tall boys with extensions in that space. Then reality set in. Don’t you want to turn lights and the ceiling fan on and off? And I had already assembled all three of the units and chucked the boxes, so I could not take one back to IKEA...

So went and got a half unit. Turned out okay I think. Also couldn’t put the extension on the far unit because of some kind of alarm thingy above it. The shelves are all nice and evenly spaced right now. I’m sure they won’t be for long. I ain’t that parallel so they won’t be either, I think.

I know you are asking yourself so just what is it he’s hiding back there behind the couch? Basically anything I want. I stashed the leftover parts in a box back there. There’s some Ethernet cable back behind another panel too.


And the 3rd unit?

Not exactly what I had in mind, but for now? it will do. I am not nearly done tweaking this space yet. As I said though, for now...


My old executive chair is probably gonna be sacrificed. Doesn’t break my heart. It’s just too big for this space...

Can you tell I hate overhead lights? *grins*