September 16th, 2009


Lamest Fortune Ever!

As if! I didn't know this already...

Panda Express is probably the sorriest excuse for oriental dining I've ever experienced. And their chopsticks are so splintery, I finally gave up and went and found a pair of mine. Herself stopped in there a lot. I don't understand that.

Don't bother with this place.

TexasT's rates this dining experience *ptooey* a - TTTT. That's a minus 4 T's.

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Earth in my camera


I think with a little crop, the apartments should buy this from me...



And this lights up my bedroom at night. I think they should turn the damned lights off after midnight...Can be irritating at times, but like living next to train tracks you can get used to it. But I’ll probably have to put up curtains anyway.

Where is the suggestion box??