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September 22nd, 2009

Someone's Knocking at My Door

Wait I didn’t order any pizza!

And it was a POLICE officer! What the hell?

Said the neighbors below me had made a noise complaint. I was kind of surprised, as I had spoken to Justin and told him if there were any noise problems they should feel free to contact me. The cop (whatever his name was) looked a little surprised. He recovered quickly though and told me they had complained at least three times(!)

Orly? And what, you blew the first two off? Whatever. I was polite. And so was he. What happened?

Well I got home that day after work, grabbed a beer, dropped the iPod into the dock and cranked the stereo and stepped out on the patio. Listened to a few songs and turned it down to something reasonable. By the time he showed up, it wasn’t loud at all...Turns out he lived below me as well. On the second floor. So he cautioned me...As he left he told me he was gonna go down and tell them he and I had a conversation.

So I shut the door and sat down on the couch to contemplate what the cop had told me. So I was watching TV and listening to some tunes when there was yet another knock at the door... And it was...

My neighbor. Justin from downstairs. All apologetic. Said the wife had been sick and had called the management while he was out picking up dinner. Had no idea they were gonna send the cop that lives right below them. Asked him in to have a beer. We shot the shit for a while. He’s accepted a commission in the US Air Force. Gonna be a pilot. While we were talking about that, there was...

Another knock on the door... Justin answered it. Through the door. “We don't want any!” and then opened the door. It was his wife. Heh! Picture this, Justin is a big white fella. 6 ft 3 in or so. The wife (can’t remember her name, dammit!) is all of maybe 5 feet tall. She was born in El Salvador. They are a study in extreme contrast. He is boisterous and she seems to be very quiet and mousy. Probably isn’t though. Delightful! Too bad they’ll be moving to Oklahoma at the end of October. He’ll start his training there.

Anyhow She was quite mortified at the visit the cop paid me. They stayed for a little while longer until I shooed them out to go eat their (cold by then, I’m sure) dinner.

So either the cop lied about the 3 complaints (I asked them) or they are. Don’t care as long as it doesn’t happen again... Re-iterated that they should talk to me rather than the management company, because I’ll be quite happy to resolve just between us.

So there you have the story of the Cop and TexasT’s...

Have I told you? I hate fucking cops...

I Can't Do It Alone

dod-i-r emptied the credenza yesterday after work. Took the drawers out. And the doors and shelves on the other side. I still cannot lift the thing high enough to get a furniture dolly underneath it. It is just too much. The way I see it, I have a couple of options here. List it on Craiglist and get it the hell outta here. Call a friend or two and have them help. Put it in the storage room until I decide what to do with it. Or... Somehow turn the damned thing on it’s side and tear it apart myself from underneath...Sort of a “If I can’t have you, nobody will!” *grins*

This thing has some sort of slate top that makes it just about impossible to man-handle. Well for this man anyway. I want the thing outta here! Takes up too much space. It is limiting my options.

dod-b-rrought my work laptop home tonight, with the idea that I might see if I can actually connect with the damned thing. I can tell you now though, the way I’m feeling, probably not gonna happen. Not terribly worried though.

dod-g-r ot some sort of sleep issue going on here. Starting to wonder if maybe the Darth Vader Machine needs an adjustment. I'll have to look into this very soon. Like, TONIGHT. I'm frickin' exhausted again. Go to bed at 1130. Wake up at 0230 or 0300. I get back to sleep eventually. Obviously it isn't enough. There were a few times today I had to get up from my desk, because I was about to fall asleep. Crap!


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