October 9th, 2009


Nice to Work From Home...

But if this is a trend that will continue, I need to get a keyboard and a video cable, so I can use my regular desk and display. The keys and display on my laptop are a bit too small.
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Right. Gonna deal with Some Cleaning Around Here Tomorrow

I need a vacuum cleaner, some pots and pans, and a new shredder, The old one was destroyed in the move. I’m just paranoid enough that I like to shred all my various receipts and personal papers rather than just putting them into the trash.

I also would like to get some drapes for the bedroom soon. Lined preferably. So I can have real darkness in the bedroom. I’m getting used to the semi dark, but still.

Maybe I’ll empty a box or two as well. Lord knows I haven’t done any of that in the last week or so.

Thinking one of the small Dyson Ball Vacs.

Some friends were supposed to give me some pots and pans but they haven’t materialized so I think I’ll start shopping around for those as well.

And a shredder? Well, I can pick up a good cross cut shredder almost anywhere for a decent price, I think.