October 19th, 2009


There Shall be Renaissance Pic Spam today!

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Also some, what the hell were you thinking!?!

Had a lovely Saturday at the Texas Renaissance Festival with the lovely spiderlilyfairy She’s good folk. And damned fine company.

Saw several folk from the past. Got new contact information on them.

Good company, good (well mostly) food, good drink, and good people watching add up to a good time for your T’s!

I cannot imagine trying to stumble around in these over 50 acres all day...


Or these ankle breakers either...


So that’s a start.
G'morning, Coffee

A/V Issues and Other Stuff

Got some issue with my A/V setup that I haven’t been able to run down yet. The sound when run through the TV or DVR into the stereo sound really, REALLY tinny. There is also some sort of echo.

There also seems to be some bleed over between audio sources. I need to nail that down...

Talk about going through some changes though. Check it...

I’m sure you remember the trials of using the credenza beast as an A/V rack.


So I went from that to this:


Then I decided the damned thing was much too tall and was screwing with the esthetic I am trying to assemble (slowly, very S-L-O-W-L-Y) here. Didn’t feel like I could hang any pictures behind or even beside it because they would be overwhelmed by the big black rack. Plus the way I had the DVR and DVD/VCR setup, I had to do some funky contortions to use the remote(s).

So for now the thing lives on my porch:


Some shelf rearrangement will be necessary to make it work for outdoor storage and that won’t be a problem.

And I finally got a bench I can live with:


Couple more things come first (like this audio issue) around the place and then I’ll be hanging pictures! Woo HOO!
Awesome me

Cafe Express

Had one of their ciabatta breakfast sandwiches. Okay, I confess...I had two.

Eggs, cheese (your choice), bacon, sausage, or ham (your choice) on a ciabatta bun. Make mine BACON!

Frickin’ de-LISH!

Their coffee? meh - Not so much - Luke warm at best...

Seems Somehow Wrong

To be watching the NFL (Broncos and Chargers) play while listening to Cantiga

All that delicate fingering of instruments while watching these two teams pound the shit out of each other....

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Audio Issue Mostly Solved

I may have had some of the cables jacked into the wrong ports. In instead of out. Or vice virsa.

Plus I replaced the analog cable between the TV (out) to the Amp with an optical cable. Muchly improved.
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