October 23rd, 2009


How to Do an LJ Cut

Notice a few folk on the flist saying lately they have trouble making cuts work.

I can see why.

The LJ how to for this is not very friendly. Neither is the actual button in the posting page. So I thought I would see if I can simplify this procedure.

You can actually enter the code in a post yourself.

Most of the posting clients (semagic, x-journal, MacJournal, etc) for LJ will recognize at least some HTML code, which is what this really is.

You will probably have to flip over to the HTML tab in the actual LJ posting page but it is still pretty simple.

How to LJ cut.jpg

So give it a shot and let me know what you think...

Best Be Careful What You Ask For

One of my issues today was a request for a list of users that have access to a certain transaction for a certain country code.

Well you didn't say what KIND of user. So you're getting them all

Machine, batch, support, end users, everything. The whole kit and kaboodle.

1500 users. Heh

This guy has been trying to get our attention for a couple of days now. Suspect he's trying to trace 1 user. His previous two queries asked the same question in 2 different ways.

It smells like this guy is trying to get us to do his job for him. Not gonna happen, pal.

Happy hunting / sifting.

And I sent his previous 2 notes to the heldesk.

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