October 28th, 2009


Thought Kids Were Supposed to be Computer Savvy

Working from home today as I had a 7:00 AM telcon with the Asian Overlord. ANd I cannot seem to get to the office before eight anymore. Not like I’m not awake early enough. Guess I just don’t wanna.


At lunch I went down to pick up my mail. Stopped by the office to chat for a minute. The guy that leased me my apartment had built himself a spreadsheet in Excel.

Pretty big one too. But he had done all the calculations by hand and populated the damned thing manually.

*blinks* *Headdesk**Headdesk**Headdesk**Headdesk**Headdesk*

So after I stopped laughing. To myself. I showed him how to enter some basic formulas and cell calculations.

Kind of gratifying to see that lightbulb moment when the light came on