November 2nd, 2009


TMI Perhaps...

Been somewhat irregular...

Blaming it on one of my meds. So to combat this...

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So instead of heading off to work as I should be doing...Get the picture? Not gonna be any more graphic than that.

Holy CRAP!!!


Shit happens...Sometimes. Or not!

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Give a damn

Beautiful Day Today

And I don’t dare get more that a few feet from the john...

Jeebus! Gentle laxative my ASS!


But maybe it will clean me out.

Scheduled that Biopsy for next Wednesday.

Doctor’s appointment in the morning for this damned pain in my side.

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Much as I Hate to Say This...

I’m gonna have to purge some books I think. Even doubling up the shelves I don’t think I’ll have enough room for what I wanna do.

And that last novel I read? I was really disappointed with that one. I really wanted to like it. But alas and alack!

Soooooo outta here!

FireFox is Starting to Irritate Me

Lately When I do a refresh of the page I’m viewing (especially on my ElJay pages) I have to refresh the page 2-3-sometimes 4 times before it actually refreshes the page and I see news posts.

I may have to give Safari a serious try... Already got the updates.