November 22nd, 2009


Dinner Last Night

At a BBQ joint on Main Street last night for dinner, I was reminded of the urbanity of the new area I live in.

Was about 1/4 the way through my baked potato (with chopped BBQ brisket ~ YUM!), when some hispanic gang bangers came in. The bling was out. These guys were decked and there was a definite hierarchy involved. 4 guys and one fine looking woman.

3 of the guys and the gal sat at one one table and the other fella (a junior member?) sat at another. He was obviously at the beck and call of the leader. He made sure the guy had refills and condiments. Otherwise he was almost ignored.

Then a bunch of black folk came in. In colors. A couple of the guys had an obvious swagger. Jeebus. They stood for a long time looking at the posted menu before placing their order. Definite attitude with this bunch.

Shortly before I finished a different group of hispanic gang bangers came in. Also in colors. Attitude with this bunch as well.

Interesting group dynamics. Cool to watch for a while.

Made me glad I left a similar lifestyle behind long ago. Never a gang member, but I was definitely on the darker side of life at one point.
Earth in my camera

Via Colori!

Going to hang at Via Colori today, rather than hanging at the house. Jeez I need to get outta here today. Should be some cool photo ops at this thing. They were rained out yesterday... But today, the sun is shining, the air is cool and dry. Bellissima!

Via Colori is a Street Painting Festival that benefits The Center for Hearing and Speech.

What do they do? Video here.

Via Colori on Face-book

Gonna scrounge some breakfast and I’m outta here!