December 2nd, 2009


XBox360 Borderlands

Beat Borderlands on my first walkthrough character last night. Finally. With my Hunter. This is one kick ass game! Took me nearly two weeks. But I ain't as good as some folks.

Of course in that 2 weeks I also spawned 3 other characters as well.

Then it immediately restarted at the first level with even tougher bad guys. Kept my level 35, all my money and weapons though. But even the damned Skags are tougher to beat. 10 or 12 of these upper(er) level dog / wolf-like things on you is like 5 too many. I had to turn tail and RUN LIKE HELL! But not before I got what I was after. My own fault. I stirred 'em up real goood.

And no. I won't tell you what is in the Vault!